Ladysmith Friends Meeting

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Welcome to the Society of Friends Caroline County Virginia

Ladysmith Friends Meeting is a welcoming faith community. As Friends, we believe that everyone has the capacity to directly experience God's love, presence, and guidance. In our experience, God's Presence is in all of us, and we seek to nurture a sense of being joined to this Divine Presence and to one another.

As followers of the Spirit, we encourage each other to foster peacemaking in our families and communities and to work for a more ecologically sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling society. At the heart of our spiritual community, is the experience of worshiping together. In our silent, meditative worship, we share the expectation that the Eternal often breaks in and spiritual revelation occurs. We believe God is love, and the light of God is in every person. Everyone can have a personal relationship with God, without involving a mediator, a priest, pastor, or minister.

Quakers Key Principles and Beliefs:

From the earliest days of this nation to the present, the Quakers have stood up for religious freedom, prison and mental health reform, womans and civil rights, and protecting the rights of older adults. In 1767 in the colony of Virginia, the Golansville Quakers contradicted the acceptance of slavery, by calling on all Quakers to abolish slaveholding.

Ladysmith Friends are located just two miles from these first Quakers and live by the same princples of Simplicity, Peace, Integriy, Community, Equality, and Stewardship

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